We R - One Reiki: Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Services in Tokyo

Experience Reiki in the country where it originated, healing treatments are provided in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. We R One - Reiki is committed to uniting individuals in healing and promoting overall wellness through Traditional and Modern Reiki.

  • Experience Authentic Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki: In-Person and Distant Sessions

At We R One - Reiki, we offer authentic Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki sessions, conducted in person or face to face in Ota-ku Ward, Tokyo.

Additionally, the distant Reiki sessions connect with individuals worldwide, providing healing energy wherever you are.

  • Learn Reiki in the country where it originated. Classes are available in English, Japanese and Tagalog: Brace the path in learning all the 4 Reiki Levels of Reiki

Enrich your spiritual journey with Reiki classes and attunements available in English and Filipino. Learn at the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Experience the lifetime gift of becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Certificates to all levels, attunements and manuals are provided.

  • Explore the spirit world with spirit animal readings and shamanic journeys

Embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery as you delve into the enigmatic realms of the spirit world. Our offerings include captivating spirit animal readings and transformative shamanic journeys designed to illuminate the unseen aspects of your inner self. Through spirit animal readings, gain insights into the unique energies and guidance your animal allies provide, unlocking a deeper understanding of your spiritual path. Engage in shamanic journeys, where ancient practices guide you through the layers of consciousness, allowing profound healing and connection with the spirit world.

Elevate Your Energy and Clear Your Aura/Home Cleansings

We offer specialized services such as energy and aura clearings, bringing balance and harmony to both you and your living space. Connect with the healing power of Reiki, allowing for a transformative and rejuvenating experience.

Reiki-Charged Crystals Available in Mystery Shop: Enhance Your Well-Being

Explore our online shop and discover Reiki-charged crystals designed to enhance your well-being. Immerse yourself in the energy of these crystals, carefully selected to complement your healing journey. You may get a free distant reiki, souvenirs or other readings in the mystery shop!

Embrace Unity and Oneness: We Are Reiki

In the philosophy of We R - One Reiki, I believe in the unity of all beings. "I see myself in you, and you in me. We are one, we are united, we are Reiki." Join us on a transformative path towards holistic healing, where body, mind, and spirit converge in harmony.

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About Jap

We R One - Reiki 

 Hi 😊 Welcome! My name is Jap, a Reiki Master and Teacher based in Japan and the Philippines.

Reiki Healing is for Everyone, for men and women, for boys and girls, for animals, plants and even for Mother Earth! I named my Reiki site, We R One because Reiki is all about seeing myself in YOU and YOU in ME. Ever wonder how the whole world is going to be when we have this kind of mentality? Healing starts when we see ourselves as a part of the whole, when we look at the bigger picture and start to include and take care of all the aspects of our being.

I let go of my judgment to others, I open my heart to receive so that I can give as well, I am LOVE yet I forget it most of the time, I am LIGHT yet I have a shadow that I need to embrace, I am a CITIZEN OF THE UNIVERSE, facing the hurdles of my own life, respecting other's path and choices. We R One, We are Reiki.

The 5 Principles of Reiki by Mikao Usui
Just for today,

I won't be angry.

I won't worry.

I will work hard.

I will be grateful to everyone and for everything that I have (and do not have)

and I will be kind to myself and to all forms of life.

What is Reiki?

On March 1922, Mikao Usui went to Mount Kurama in Kyoto, during that time he was seeking solitude and looking for an answer about life, and after spending 21 days there, achieved "Anshin Ritsumei"(read more  in this blog) and was awakened spiritually and received healing energy which was then called Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique used to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.

It helps balance and harmonize the energy and will go to wherever it is needed, to all receiver’s body level - emotional, mental and spiritual which will then reflect to the physical level.

 The practitioner channel the Universal Energy which is Reiki to revitalise and replenish the client's Vital Energy. Rei which means "Spirit" and Ki which is "life-force energy". Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy." 

Reiki is not a religion, it revolves and sticks to it's 5 principles (Just for Today, I won't be angry, I won't worry, I will work hard, I will be grateful and I will be kind). It is for those who are in search of deep healing.

Reiki can transcend time and space. It can be used to heal the past, present, and future. First Degree Reiki practitioners can heal in person and themselves. A Second Degree Reiki practitioner is attuned to sacred symbols, one of them is the distance symbol. With the distance symbol, you can send reiki into the past and future and to anyone anyrywhere around the globe. Every reiki treatment or session (in person and distant should be done with permission from the recipient), It is all done with intention. Intention and sending healing energy from the heart center is a big part of Reiki; whenever we send healing energy, we are using intention and love.

How Reiki Can Help You?

Reiki is in no way a substitute for medical treatment and diagnosis. Please consult your doctor and nearby medical institution if you are in need of medical help. Reiki can be performed in-person and distantly. Both methods have equal effects to someone receiving them.  

Here are some of the positive effects of Reiki:

  • Relaxation
  • Release of stress and anxiety
  • Positive emotional states
  • A release of old blocked emotions
  • Pain relief
  • A strengthened immune system
  • Open your intuitive centers
  • Enhance learning
  • Alleviate emotional, physical and mental stress
  • Help overcome past trauma


Reiki Healing Sessions and Aromatherapy in Tokyo(in-person) - Master and Teacher English

Reiki Healing Sessions and Aromatherapy (in-person)

Boost your ability to heal with a 75-minute Reiki Face to face session and aromatherapy using essential oils (your choice) with We R One-Reiki. Sessions available at Ota-ku, Tokyo Japan

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Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki

Receive Reiki healing energy anywhere around the globe. Available for you, your family, pets and home.

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Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Learn the four levels of Reiki in the place where it originated. In the heart of Tokyo, Japan, We R One-Reiki, promises to teach authentic Traditional Japanese Reiki as well as Modern Reiki. Attunements, certificates and manuals are included.

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Spirit Animal Retrieval (Reading) and Shamanic Journey

Spirit Animal Retrieval (Reading) and Shamanic Journey

Travel in the spirit world and retrieve your spirit animal to guide and protect you. Rune and card reading are included. Available distantly and in person.

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Online Shop - Reiki Charged Crystals

Online Shop - Reiki Charged Crystals

Reiki charged crystal are available in One-item shop and mystery shop (3-item) in this site. Choose the crystals that speak you, available in bracelet, necklace and rough (stone) forms. The meaning of each crystal are written in the description.
Shipping globally.

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reiki retreat we r one reiki

Reiki Shares and Retreat

Watch out for free distant reiki. Free reiki shares and meditation. As well as, reiki retreats and tour across Tokyo and nearby cities.

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In Person Reiki Healing in Tokyo (with Spirit Animal Reading)


Ms Asma A. M. from United Arab Emirates (11-30-2023)

Jap, Thank you again for an amazing Reiki Healing experience. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for the insightful report 🙏🙏 I swear I felt it and I saw that my aura’s color is green!!! So mind blowing when I compare to your report. It’s amazing because I come from a country where we have a lot of local mountain goats and palm trees 🙏🙏 this is amazing Jap, thank you. I also felt that my throat area was super warm and towards the end it was a bit painful to swallow, but went away when I drank water after the session. I felt my chest area warm and full of moving energy (I also felt that in my throat). Again, I can’t thank you enough for a memorable healing session. See you soon 🙏 Love and light, Asma


Distant Reiki

Ms. Jean Soto of San Antonio, Texas (10/26/21) 

Jap is a wonderful person who I happened to run across on social media when I was not feeling very well at all. I really thought I was dying at the moment and he asked me if I wanted him to do a distant reiki session for me. I had never had one before so I wan't sure what to expect but I gave it a shot. I relaxed as he said and accepting the healing and it really worked. I felt the light let out a few tears during the distant session and I started to feel better in less than 24 hours later. I gradually kept getting better day after day and now I'm completely healed. I could not believe the gentleman who did not know who I was would offer to do such a wonderful thing for me from far away but this goes to prove that there are still some good people left in this world. I even told him that I wish there were more people such as himself because it would make this world a much better place. He really saved my life and did it out of the kindness of his heart which I will forever appreciate for the rest of my life. I asked him if he could do healing for my sister recently and he did and she is slowly getting better from the pain she was in with her cancer and feels stronger as the days pass too. Jap is a beautiful soul and although I have never met him in person our paths crossed in a wonderful way. I definitely recommend him for anyone's Reiki session he is dedicated and very good at what he practices. Thank you Jap, blessings to you always."


Ms. Rowena Kelly of Vancouver, Canada (02/06/22)

"That was beautiful, thank you so much for sharing reiki with me. It's so beautiful how distance healing can connect from the other side of the world. I knew right away when you had started the session, your energy came in strong as caring, experienced and professional and I could feel when you were working on different areas. Would definitely recommend you as a very skilled, attentive, empathetic and communicative reiki practitioner. "


Ms. Carley C. of Asheville, US (02/06/22)

"Distance reiki with Jap was very healing. I wasn’t feeling well before the reiki started but afterwards when I was falling asleep I felt very peaceful and calm. I started hearing healing tones ringing in my ears when i fell asleep which I sometimes hear when I know my spiritual guides are communicating with me or healing me, but I heard multiple different tones this time first in one ear then in the other when usually I only hear them in my left ear. I immedielty fell asleep after hearing the tones and I woke up feeling very peaceful. They also gave me some very enlightening information after they sent the reiki that has awakened me to some personal information about my spiritually that has illuminated a space that was previously cloudy for me. thank you so much"


Ms. Emily Adams of Newark, USA (02/09/22)

Jap is a very powerful healer. I knew immediately when our session started as I started seeing purple orbs and feeling the reiki energy flooding my feet and legs. During the session I was astounded at how beautiful the energy was, at some points I felt like I was floating on a  reiki cloud of healing energy that was encompassing my entire aura. I could feel him clearing heavy energies from my chakras and I even felt the tension I had been carrying in my back release and now it is completely gone. I could feel his use of crystals like we were in the same room and not oceans apart. I can tell Jap is very special and that he is going to help many people. I will definitely be back for more sessions as my experience was powerful yet gentle as it felt like a warm bath or floating cloud of pure white light as he worked. He is very gifted. 


Ms. Jennifer Hill - Co-Founder of omheals.com

Really incredible! I could feel the energy from thousands of miles away. Jonel also told me about my spirit animal which was amazing.


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